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Encouraging Imagination in Children

Encouraging Imagination in Children

Children need many stimuli when growing up, they need to engage in read and writing and in sports. They need to be able to socialise with friends and teachers, and they need to be comfortable to just be with themselves.

For children to be able to play alone and entertain themselves they are inadvertently learning. The best start for children is to grow their imagination. Kids may like to race their cars along the hallway floorboards, or dress up their favourite teddy for a teddy bears picnic. The process of pretending is growing their developmental skills.

Children learn in a safe environment how to talk and how to think, how many times have you listened to your kids while they play by themselves. They talk to their cars or their teddies, they do role-plays and experiment with social situations. It is a great learning for their future endeavours in these situations.

Kids try-out with different ways to problem solve, when they play independently and these skills are invaluable in a social setting.

Imaginary play allows kids to think from another perspective, they can allow themselves to be super heroes or to be mums or doctors. They can learn what is it like to feed a baby or to help a teddy bear that has a broken leg. Kids often act out real life situations with imaginary play and this is all about them learning to deal with these situations and will only strengthen their resilience. For kids who play super heroes or astronauts etc, they are able to learn to look after people and save people and do things they may never see in real life.

It is important to nurture this entertainment and provide as much or as little space as your child needs to create a pretend world for itself.

You child may like to build a cubby house on their own or they many need assistance, but once it is up its good to give them some time to role play alone before you join in.

As kids grow up this imagination changes, their needs and developments change. Through Willow’s Fairyland you can keep this imagination going while helping them navigate the complexity of life. And sadly this starts at a younger and younger age.

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Kickstarter what an amazing journey.


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that has given us such products as the Oculus Rift and Pebble Smartwatch, and for the kids it’s given us ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Kids’ and now Willow’s Fairyland.

Kickstarter has nearly 14 million users from all over the world, who have pledged over 3.3 billion dollars to make new projects come to life.

The world is certainly getting smaller and more accessible and we love being part of this. Kickstarter is an amazing community of people who are willing to support friends and strangers alike.

Through Kickstarter, projects that may never have come to life have been given hope. Getting the funding doesn’t mean all the hard work is done, but it gives you reason to keep up the hard work.

The most money pledged to a single project on Kickstarter is $20,000,000 from 78,471 backers for the Pebble Smartwatch, followed by the Coolest Cooler (Eski) with $13,000,000 from 62,642 backers. Who would have thought a Cooler could be so amazing, more than 60,000 people think it is!!

We fully support Kickstarter and similar platforms like Indigogo and Pozzible and encourage everyone else to do so also. It has given us the strength to move forward with our product and go into production.

Thank you to everyone who supported us, you are now part of our team that has made Willow’s Fairyland come to life and we will never forget that.

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Launch Press Release

Launch Press Release






Two Melbourne sisters are part of a growing movement to steer children away from devices and back to traditional learning products that will capture both the heart and imagination.


Willow’s Fairyland is the brainchild of Penne and Lucy Whyte, daughters of Robert Whyte of Aero, an iconic Melbourne brand specialising in furniture and giftware for the past 40+ years. The sisters have been involved with retail all of their working life and have extensive experience in delivering on-trend products through the Aero Plus business. Willow’s Fairyland is no exception.


The premise behind Willow’s Fairyland is to cater for the growing number of distractions and increased anxiety that excessive use of technology can result in. “We saw how our kid’s mood would change after too much time on television and devices and how it would take them a certain period to ‘come down’ from screen time” said Penne “this wasn’t good for open communication and often left our kids feeling withdrawn and isolated that their lives didn’t relate to those they were seeing on the devices”.


“We could see the positive impact that products such as Elf on the Shelf was having with our kids but felt that this was only for a specific time of the year and we would have to develop creative ways to inspire the imagination and creativity of our kids” said Lucy “other products in the market weren’t portable, so in our mind, Willow’s Fairyland is the perfect solution to fill this void, 365 days per year”

Willow’s Fairyland is a generous pack that includes:

  • The Fairy House, a portable, handcrafted timber box that houses the fairies and acts as a convenient note holder from which the communication with Willow (the fairy) takes place
  • Willow's Fairyland Book, with a range of characters who explain the way the fairy house works (this is also the first of many books);
  • Durable and Play Mat that serves as a handy Travel Bag and comes with a draw string bag to pack everything away in, in one quick pull.
  • Sticker set to personalise the house




“The reason that we love this product so much is that our experience has been that this is about promoting mindfulness in kids and encouraging awareness of their feelings, no matter what is happening in their lives”. Explains Penne. “We have spent the past 12 months testing this on our kids and those children in our extended family and friendship group. It is amazing the learnings, growth and benefit that we have seen delivered to children”.


The Fairy House allows kids to communicate with their fairy for any number of reasons, in both good and difficult times. “We found that when children are going through emotionally difficult times, they can get additional external reassurance and guidance, showing them that someone is always with them through tough times.” Comments Lucy “Later in life when they find out that their fairy is really mum, it becomes a lovely bonding between mother and child.”


The irony of the role that technology has played in the development of Willow’s Fairyland is not lost on the sisters “We have a product that is truly global, we have sourced a team of artists, illustrators and manufacturers through various collaboration platforms to make our dream a reality” said the girls “We understand the power of technology and devices, it is just ensuring that we demonstrate to our children the value that these tools can bring, without taking away imagination and the ability to believe in magic and a world where anything is possible”



Willows Fairyland has just been launched on Kickstarter 

We would love your help to spread the word, if you are interested in doing a story around a new product, or the Kickstarter launch, please let us know.

We are happy to help with content or more information.


Please either email us at or call on 0417367730


Thanks so much, every bit of support really helps,


Penne and Lucy



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