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Are Fairies real?

They sure are! But you need to believe in them. For those that believe you will find that the Fairies will bring magic and joy into your life!  

Where do they live?

Fairies live in Fairyland, they live in tree houses and visit us during the night. They have all the things we have just a lot smaller!

Do Fairies go to school?

Fairies certainly do go to school, they learn to read and write just like we do, they also learn about the human world as well as Fairyland!

What is Fairy dust?

As the Fairies fly and their wings move they leave a tiny trace of Fairy dust, most of the time humans can't see it, but if you look very closely sometimes you will see a sparkle and you will know your Fairy has been!

Why can't I see my fairy all the time?

Fairies are very small, they are so tiny that we struggle to see them. They also don't like to come when we are awake, they like to protect and watch over us when we are sleeping!

Are Fairies all the same?

Every Fairy is different just as we are, there are boy Fairies and girl Fairies, tall and short Fairies. They are all unique which makes them so special and personal to just you!

What do Fairies do during the day/night?

Fairies like to visit their humans during the night so during the daytime they are generally sleeping! 

How do Fairies fly?

Fairies have magical wings that can carry them everywhere, they are very quiet so we never hear them coming!

What do Fairies eat?

Fairies eat everything like we do, their favourite is broccoli as they look like min trees!

What do Fairies wear?

Fairies wear clothes that are comfortable and practical, they always wear their coats in winter and their hats in summer.